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Photo Studio Lighting Flash Light Kit
Umbrella Softbox Kit JFK121
Item Specs:
Brand: Julius Studio
MSRP: $612.50
Item Type: Photo Light Kit
Color: Black
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    Item Description:

      3 x JULIUS STUDIO High Quality Photo Studio Flash/Strobe Light Holder
      • Holds 1 of 5600K 100W Circular Flash Tube and 1 of 50W Model Light
       (Total 180W: 130W + 50W)
      • Voltage: AC 110 - 130V/60Hz
      • Comes with a Test Buttom and Power Output Dial from 1/16 to full
      • On/Off Switch for Model Light
      • LED Light Indicators
      - AC Power On(Red LED), Flash Ready Indicator (Green LED), Photo Light Cell
      • Flash Ready Sound Alerter
      • Recharge Time: 0.2 - 1.5 S
      • Works as main, back, or focus light
      • Easy adjustable shooting angle
      • Code & Plug, Sync Cable Included (11 ft. each)
      • Photo-Cell(Salve Sensor) include: Turns on automatically in dark
      • Wireless Trigger sold separately